Tank Beer – It’s Here!

Beer Lovers rejoice! The best way to experience the freshest tap beer has arrived right here at The Plough Inn. Tank Beer is here and the impressive copper tanks are a sight to see.

We are proud to be the FIRST in Queensland to install and delight in the magnificence of these liquid-gold filled copper tanks, set up pride of place in both the Beer Garden and The Sports Bar. Five shiny new copper tanks are right here at The Plough, filled with 1,500 litres of the freshest Carlton Draught you could ever let pass your lips!

How Does it Work?

Most Australian beer is pasteurised to maximise shelf-life and this process can often reduce some of the characteristics of the beer. Carlton Draught Brewery Tank Beer is different – it’s unpasteurised. The beer is untouched as it makes it’s journey from tank to tap – no air, no gas to push it through. The result? A smooth mouth feel and lower carbonation. In other words, perfection, of the Carlton Draught variety.

With a shelf life of only two weeks, the Carlton Draught Brewery Tank Beer truck will be delivering a fresh batch every fortnight – you won’t get much fresher than that!

So, who wants a beer??

Tank Beer Photos at Plough Inn